about Sasha

inside a quite odd mind

NAME: Sasha
E-MAIL: killergabriel[AT]outlook.com;
TOP BOOKS: Harry Potter saga, Inheritance Cycle, Nora Roberts' Key Trilogy
HP SLASH: Snape/Harry - Lucius/Harry - Fenrir/Harry - Lucius/Remus - Snape/Remus - Draco/Harry - Sirius/Remus;
HOBBIT SLASH: Thorin/Bilbo - Kili/Fili - Bard/Thranduil;
NCIS SLASH: Gibbs/DiNozzo - Gibbs/DiNozzo - Gibbs/DiNozzo - Gibbs/DiNozzo;
TW SLASH: Derek/Stiles - Chris Argent/Peter Hale - Sheriff Stilinski/Peter Hale - Scott/Isaac - Peter Hale/Stiles;
LIKES: Slash, Harry Potter, The Hobbit movies, N.C.I.S., Teen Wolf, Internet, Fan fictions, Web design, Wolves, Dragons, Castles & manors, Ghost stories, Myths & legends, Music, Movies & TV, Winter season;
DISLIKES: Slash-haters, Conceited snobs, Big bugs, Vipers, Rainy days, Needles.

I'm a pretty much anti-social weirdo: I don't have many friends - just a few trusted ones (quality over quantity) - and I love most all to stay in my room surfing the net, reading, listening to music and watching TV and/or DVD.
My mum often calls me a lost cause and always joke-threatens to send me to a shrink 'cuz I'm in urgent need, in her opinion, of therapy. I read too much and too many romance novels...it's not my fault I like that genre above all the others! I really love her, but some times I think that, unconsciously, deep inside her, she resents the fact she can no longer treat me like her cloned doll: thinking the same way she thinks, liking what she likes...even if I loathe it!! x_x I've stopped that way of life in high school and I ain't gonna revert back to it, that's for sure!!
The shrink thing was to have you understand my contorted mind: I love my friends, but I most enjoy times spent alone in my room; I love to dine out, but I enjoy much more to go to cinema by myself; I love music and TV shows, but I need to be alone to fully enjoy them (not my fault here, either. Whenever my parents and I watch a movie, they have to comment and talk while watching...hello?!?! O:O How can you understand the movie if you do that? But they do it anyway. u.u)...I could go on forever. I'm also quite shy - though working has helped me, in primary school I was a true cry-baby - but I tend to hide it behind the classical agressive mask, which makes harder for me making new friends, though.
My true friends and family see the real me, though, and I'll be forever thankful for that; I hope my visitors will come to see me, too. I'll do my best to achieve that.