Nostalgia and domains

Posted on 09.12.2015  •  Leave a comment?

Hi there, guys, it’s been a while. :)
I have some weird news to share; but don’t worry, though, weird doesn’t mean bad: it means weird as in odd. I’ve already posted this on PlasticMoon, but I thought to share it on my blog too.

Cut story short, Namecheap is having a huge promo on .INFO domains (huge like $3.88/yr)—and on .COMs too, who now are $8.88/yr—and, in a bout of nostalgia, yesterday I went and registered back the domain name. I don’t know why I snatched it back; I just felt the name belonged to me—because I had used it for so long—so, when I saw nobody had registered it since I let it go, I decided I didn’t want anybody to use it as parked domain or as an ads page and took it back…and I don’t think I’m gonna let it go this time. On the contrary, I might even decided to swtich back to it when PlasticMoon expires next year; I’m even avout to buy hosting for it now. ;)

Gotta go now, for I was reading a super-cool Teen Wolf Sterek fanfic and I wanna finish it; so, see you all on next update.
Everybody take care and have a very nice Sunday. :3


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