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Posted on 08.13.2015  •  3 comments.

Hiya there. :)
Two updates in two days is unbelievable, but I just couldn’t wait…and I’m still pi**ed about it; but let me explain.

First of all, this is not a review of Windows 10—since the OS is being installed as I type—mostly because I had no intention of putting it on my laptop; unfortunately, Microsoft saw it differently and chose in my place.

Tonight I turned on my laptop in order to finally work for some of my sites—I have like 3 or 4 hanging for which I have to make the buttons, layouts, pages, etc.—but first I checked Windows Update for the usual monthly updates released by Microsoft; there were 14 updates to install and I gave the ok for the installation, as I normally do….but here comes the surprise, and it was not a good one. X_X

When I tried to install the updates, Windows went and started installing Windows 10 on its own—I hadn’t for sure selected it….WTF!?!? O.O
Yo, Gates? FYI, what you did is a very dirty a**hole-ish trick; free update is not the same as “forced” update, thank you very much. I didn’t want Windows 10, or I would have signed up for the free update immediately; no wonder Microsoft let the Windows 10 upgrade free until next year (which would have caused a huge loss of profit), they had probably planned to do something like this from the beginning. x.x
Jeez, I’ve never wanted a Mac so much as in this moment.

Anyway. I’m currently typing from the iPad, as the laptop is busy on the upgrade and that’s gonna probably take something like other 40 minutes maybe even an hour….oh, joy. -_-

Well, I guess I have no choice left; see you from my Windows 10 laptop, then.
Take care, guys, and have a nice week and week-end. :3


On 08.13.2015 Chazz said:

Scary laptop updating itself! hahah~ well, I am using a Windows XP so I can’t complaint hahha (it is good enough that i can still use it despite it is no longer available lol) anyway, I’m Fai from MintyMocha and for now I’ll be blogging on my wordpress site because I want to familiarise myself with it XD I will link you on my current blog too so I won’t lost your link ^^

On 08.14.2015 Nina said:

I have my setting set to automatically install any new updates. Windows 10 was something I figured I’d go ahead and just install. Free OS and since I hated Windows 8 (and loved Windows 7), Windows 10 seemed to be in the middle, which I was ok with. I made sure to ask a few friends that had the beta Win-10 for their thoughts and reviews and they all liked it. xD

I hope the new OS won’t be bad for you. I like it so far. :)

On 08.30.2015 Chazz said:

Yup, I’ll have both blogs open, though not as active. I still think Blogger is easier to handle than Wordpress, and other light CMS such as Fanupdate and Cutenews are more user-friendly too. Wordpress is good if you know how to make us of all the widgets, apart from having good layout ^^ have a good day!

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