I hate children…

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….with the only exception of my niece—whom I tolerate (at best)—and the other day I had a reminder of why. But I think this is a special case, as even my mum was left aghast.; but let’s tell the story from the beginning.

Last week we had a cousin and her pre-scholar grandson visiting; said cousin is very nice and enjoyable, so me and my mom expected a nice time….men, we were wrong: the kid (more like brat) is a mini-Attila the Hun, and behaved so badly me and my mum agree he needs urgent help from a shrink!! O.O
I made a list of what he did, to give you a better idea of how unruly and absolutely worse than bratty the brat acted.

- As soon as he was inside, he started opening every single door of every single room, even the one where my dad was resting.
- After a snack (he asked for ice-cream, but then opted for cake), he started running for the kitchen turning on every appliance.
- After that, kid complained the water we had given him wasn’t still but sparkling (not true) and he threw it all over the ice-cream.
- Then, he went to the sink and launched a wooden scoop onto the table.
- When we went outside and our cousin started praising our puppy dog—whom he was afraid of—he punched her in the side and called her ’stupid’.
- When he got punished for the above (a couple of spanks), he threw a tantrum.

At this point, my cousin decided to (finally, hallelujah) take him home—as I see it, she should have done it immediately after his first “stunt”; what the brat did is not normal, no well-behaved child acts like that while visiting—not even my absolutely spoiled-brat niece. My mom’s mind still reels every time she thinks about it; personally, I jus hope he will never visit again. *_*

Sorry for the rant, but I needed to let this out; hope it wasn’t too boring.
See you on next update, guys; take care, and have a fantastic week. :3


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