New affies!!

Posted on 06.13.2015  •  1 comment.

Hi there, fellas. :)
I’ve nothing new to vent this time; this is just a quick entry to introduce my new shiny blog pals.

That’s right! Skyborn gained two new affies: let’s welcome Infinity from new yet gorgeous Chasing Infinity and the lovely Fai from amazing Minty Mocha….that name is super-cute. :3
Please visit both sites as they’re both beautiful, the two owners are incredibly talented and deserve each one of your clicks.

I gotta go now, as I have to add and announce Infinity on PlasticMoon as well; see you on next update.
Take care, guys, and have the bestest Sunday. :3

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On 07.01.2015 Fai said:

tyeeheee~ cute eh? nah, just a random name I came out with lol. anyway, i just added you in my list, and i’m so sorry for the delay. i’ll be back to read your posts.. have a nice day!

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