Illness ignorance

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Hello there everybody, how’s going? Happy (belated) 2018!! :)
I didn’t plan to blog today, but I saw something on Twitter that spurred me into reflection and prompted this post: the absolute ignorance some so-called Young Adults show when talking about illnesses; but let me explain.

Today I noticed I had a few new followers on Twitter; one of them is a 21-years-old girl who presents herself as autistic….when her tweets clearly show she is not. Sure autism is not always like seen in movies like Rain Man (those are the gravest and invalidating forms), but even the lightest forms are recognizable because of their not-so-light impact on one’s body and mind….but I doubt the girl on Twitter even knew autism is actually an illness in the first place—it was clear from the way she flippantly claimed to have it. v_v

She isn’t the only one; another blogger I know claims to be autistic….the only problem is that she says that autism is not a real illness. O.O
Hellooo, you dimwit? Autistic is more than recognized by the medical and scientific community, and autistic patients are followed and “treated” by actual doctors; saying it’s not an illness is like saying the Alzheimer’s disease is not one either and shows a scary lack of connection to reality—deep delusion level. She’s bound for a huge shock if an actual doctor reads her blog and calls her upon her delusional nonsense.

Sorry for the mini-rant, but I have abysmally low tolerance for bone-deep ignorance like these girls’; when smart people know little about a subject, they go educate themselves to avoid blabbing BS…but, as I said, these girls are arrogant know-it-alls—the worst kind of ignorants.
See you all on next entry, guys; take care and have a wonderful week. :3


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