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Posted on 12.18.2017  •  Leave a comment?

Hi there fellas, how’s going? :)
After a long gestation, I can finally introduce Skyborn’s version 9.0 Fathoms below; it’s a div design featuring a stock image I saw on Twitter a long time ago…and it took me forever to code it, because I was never satisfied with the colors—I discarder like 5 color schemes before setting on the current one, and I’m quite proud of how it turned out. n.n

Since I don’t know what else to say, I’ll just speak about my new phone (see previous post for reference): I did nothing but only take off the seals on the phone’s box; the device is still and will stay wrapped in its plastic for at least a few days more—as I don’t live near any shop of my phone company where I can change the sim card—until I can go the shop. I’ll post photos to show you the phone the moment I have the new card and its gets activated, so stay tuned. ;)

Have to go now, as I wanna watch Lucifers’ second season—been wanting to for a while, and now I finally can.
See you all on next entry; my best wishes of a very Merry Christmas. :3


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