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Posted on 08.09.2017  •  1 comment.

Hello there friends, how’s your summer going? :)
Mine’s going so-and-so: I get to enjoy playing with my dog outdoor, not having to dress in layers to go outside, eating summer fruits and such; what I didn’t like were the temperatures being the same as Dubai and other city in the desert. *_*
This last couple of days it has been slightly fresher, so I no longer feel like I’m literally about to melt and I can concentrate on Skyborn’s new update….which is just the introduction to the site’s new look.

Skyborn’s version 8.0 is a basic divs layout called Make your heart slow and featuring my current top actor obssesion, Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien; the design’s palette looks more autumnal than summerlike, but that’s because I first made this several months ago—I revolutionized the code a few times since then—before the Star Trek one, which I used before this because I liked it more. Anyway, I hope you like the premade—but I love every kind of feedback. ;)

Have to go now, as my dog is barking like mad to be let in and in these case I have to stay and play with him; see you all next time.
Take care guys, and have the most wonderful week. :3

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On 08.17.2017 Claudine said:

This theme looks really nice! :) I love the colors so much

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