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Posted on 06.17.2017  •  9 comments.

[EDITED ON 06.17] As foreseen, the site’s owner deleted the latest messages—where I aplogized again—as well….but I don’t care; she can think she was in the right and not the rude one all she wants, whatever floats her boat. The truth is she was a downright bi*ch. Cheers. [/EDITED]

Hi there everybody, whassup? :)
A beforehanded warning, this is gonna be another ranting post—spurred by a bi*chy site owner and fuelled by the unbearable hot temperatures and period crankyness, but still…

A few days ago I saw a new tutorial, that showed how to make php-includes work with files not located in the public_html folder; since I had a doubt about how the php code worked, I left the following message in the cbox for the site’s owner.

I have a question about your php tut (”tuto-name-here”.php); can I ask it here? Thank you.

Based on previous experience, I put my email and assumed the site’s owner would contact me directly on that….nope; she gave me this rather brusque reply.

Nope. All questions need to be asked on Facebook. I don’t want conversation in my cbox.

Since I was feeling quite grumpy due to my period and the hot weather, I left a not very nice reply—telling her I would ask someone else and was sorry for “bothering” her (with quotation marks exactly like that, meaning I was being ironic/sarcastic)—but I apologized for that di*kish comment almost immediately and explained my assumptions; the girl replied to that with a couple of ever ruder replies, which I copied here.

You can take your crap attitude somewhere else. Nowhere did I say you’re bothering me, so do NOT put words in my mouth. You’re being very rude and are now banned from my cbox. Goodbye.

And your ****ty attitude messages have been deleted.

WTF on earth!?!? O.O
I admit I could, should, have phrased my question better—like saying “where can I ask my question”, instead of “can I ask it in the cbox”—but she did not have to be so bluntly rude even going as far as to I had a crap attitude, especially after I had apologized to her and explained my assumption pretty much immediately; that’s free unwarranted rudeness. *_*
In any case I’ve left another (my last) reply—and also added another apology—in the site’s cbox….though I have a feeling (I wonder why) the girl will once again accuse me of crap attitude and delete my messages.

Sorry for the length of this rant, but I needed to (for once) explain the whole story instead of just blindly venting out; I understand if someone may side with the site’s owner (I wasn’t very nice either), just thank you for reading this.
Take care guys, and have the most wonderful week. :3


On 06.20.2017 Peach said:

Well I seen this before with some people in my life and also had my fair share of going through things like this as well. Sucks really but it’s just how some people are. I don’t think you done nothing wrong and you tried to apologize which is good and explain why you said what you said. So I personally think you did nothing wrong.

As for this person wow just wow.. Some people need to learn to chill and take a breath and not over react. He/She was wrong to be rude to you they could of sucked up there pride and said in a civil way they’re point to it. That’s some people for you now a days.. Sad really. Where’s are the respect in the world now? That’s what I want to know.. Ah well.

Thank you for sharing this btw I hope your doing well lately. Have a wonderful week as well~

On 06.27.2017 Cristina Cocioab? said:

Oh, I am so sorry that she was rude. If you need help, you can email me. I am pretty good with codes. Take care

On 06.28.2017 Liz said:

Wow the site owner was very rude. Isn’t that what a cbox is for? To chat? O.o

On 07.03.2017 Gillan said:

I don’ think directing you to her Facebook page was a good idea. I shouldn’t have to go to another website just to ask a question regarding your own website lol (Did I make sense? haha)
Redirecting your visitors isn’t a good idea because they don’t have the time.
I agree that you could’ve phrased your second response better but she didn’t have to respond back rudely, it doesn’t make for good publicity. She should’ve just taken the higher road instead because it was her website. Her being the website owner doesn’t give her the right to be rude to visitors lol.

On 07.12.2017 Jamie said:

Honestly, some people have crappy attitudes. If she rudely said you had a crappy attitude, she should have looked in the mirror.

Just ignore the ignorance of this troglodyte. I have dealt with at least group of these trolodytes online for four years and counting. I had to remove my comments because of them, which I finally now realize who has been harassing me this entire time. Again, just ignore her and try to find someone who is nicer and that will help.

On 07.13.2017 Sasha (Webmiss) said:

@ Jamie :: Don’t worry, I have no intention of pay any more attention to that girl. I’ll keep visiting her site—and using her resources if I fancy them—but I’m gonna plainly ignore any rude thing that might come out of ther mouth. v_v

On 07.22.2017 Claudine said:

Well, I agree that you should have been nicer with your second message but she didn’t have to answer back in a rude way—it’s not a great example for other visitors! :|

And I find it really weird that all questions or concerns should be sent through Facebook… I mean, what the hell? Is this the new trend nowadays?

On 07.30.2017 Michelle said:

She needs a chill pill or at least be gracious instead of having a far worse attitude than you. You were in the right to apologize but she was rude and you certainly didn’t deserve that nonsense you got. Don’t worry too much about it. People can be dicks.

On 07.31.2017 stevevhan said:

Oh well there are just really those who are so not nice to us, Sometimes you wanna brush them off and sometimes you want to really get into the nerve of answering back and prove your point.

Life goes on though, there are still those who’ll appreciate and respect you. :)

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