The invasion Part II…

Posted on 06.03.2015  •  3 comments.

This has references to my previous post, you should read that one first if you wanna understand this one here. ^^;

As mentioned in said post, my niece wants to have her class year-ending party at my house…and if she does, it would most likely happen next week, because after June 14 she leaves to go on a 4-days holiday in Barcelona with her mother.
My mum is still convinced that her parents—my brother and sister-in-law—are going to set everything up, but they haven’t even talked about it; my brother hasn’t even mentioned it so, unless it’s something my niece claimed on her own (quite possible), in the end all prepping will probably fall on us…a real pain in the arse. *_*
Plus, my dad says he’s gonna open our small pool; I think he should wait, but if I tried to tell him anything, he’d accuse me of being childish and such ridiculous things….has he really no idea of the risks he’s taking, opening the pool for a bunch of kids!? It’s not a children pool, what if one hurts himself while inside!? O.O

Apparently, there’s nothing I can do; that day I’ll just have to lock myself inside my bedroom, and try to cover the racket with my headphones. It’ll bue such a joy. v_v

Gotta go now, for I wanna read some Fast and the Furious fan fictions; see you all on next update—who’s probably gonna be after Huns raided us.
Take care, guys, and have a wonderful week and week-end. :3


On 06.07.2015 Fai said:

first thing first, love your layout! and to open the pool for kids’ party can be quite risky.. well, i am not a fan of water, so i might be a bit scared to see kdis running around and playing in the pool as they are prone to anything possible XD

haha…see you in the next entry then!

On 06.11.2015 Infinity said:

Hello, beautiful website you have here :)

Regarding your post I love children, but I really dislike other people’s kids lol! I would lock myself in the bedroom too.

On 06.12.2015 Fai said:

hi! sorry for the late reply XD sure thing, let’s be affies =)

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