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Posted on 05.14.2017  •  8 comments.

Hello there visitors, it’s been a while. ^^;
This is gonna be a kind of rant—I’m not really mad, more like amusedly annoyed—spurred by something that happened on Skyrose….but let’s start from the beginning.

Skyrose has gotten a few beloved siblings recently but, through the years the site has been opened, the rejected applications have been way more than the accepted ones….and that’s because of Facebook, or my lack thereof: to better explain, I’ve often gotten affiliation requests by site owners who pedaled back (or even criticized and mocked me) on that request when they heard I was not nor I planned to ever go on Facebook; when I told them we could still keep in touch and interact via comments and cbox, they said I should join Facebook otherwise we couldn’t become affies….to which I replied with a (more or less, depending on the person) polite fu*k you, rejecting their application. v_v
Did they really expect me to join Facebook—my most disliked, to not say hated, social ever—just to become affiliate with them? They apparently did….as they apparently seem to think their site was just an extension of Fb (seen how they sent you over to the social for pretty much everything); sorry, but I don’t work that way. I do not, nor will I ever, join Facebook and my site can function even without any social link on it.

Sorry for what turned out to be an actual rant, but someone else today asked me that and I got reeeaally annoyed; see you all on next entry.
Take care guys, and have a wonderful week. :3


On 05.16.2017 Claudine said:

Wow, that’s so annoying… and weird! I’ve never heard of people who need to be connected on Facebook to become affies! And to be honest, I think that’s really shallow. Not everyone is on social media anyway, and not all bloggers need to be on it as well! Bloggers can still interact in lots of ways such as comments, which you mentioned as well. I actually think that I’m learning more about my blogger friends when I’m interacting via comments and reading their posts as opposed to scrolling through my friends’ timelines.

People can be so weird sometimes.

On 05.18.2017 EL said:

Stopping by to see if you would like to list your site at EL! Btw, really like this layout!!

On 05.19.2017 Peach said:

Yeah, I agree that is annoying. I don’t like how some people do that. It’s I think to be more popular which for me I don’t care for. I like just a few people on my blog and don’t have silly rules like that just to be friends or affies with. Personally I don’t like all social media. I am a private person somewhat and like to keep to myself mostly. I had FaceBook in the past mostly just family but didn’t really use it much or had friends to add, so I left. Happy I did and feel more stress free, In my opinion. But yeah I agree with Claudne 100% Don’t let those people get to you if it bothers you. Focus on the people who DO care for you and respect you, and not ponder on pointless stuff like that. (-__-)

Take care dear~

On 05.21.2017 Peach said:

Thanks for stopping by again and for the comment, I really appreciate it a lot. :) Yeah, I just now re actived my FB account for one reason so my family can contact me if they need too still. Felt bad and was not really fair for me leaving them so I rebooted it and got my account back. True, still wont use it at all or barely go online its just there just in case someone needs to get a hold of me. =/ But yeah did that. I’m private online now used not to be when I was younger but now I just like being on the DL. I only have DeviantArt to post my artwork on for social media even if thats consider one. That’s pretty much it for me. But yeah sometimes Social media isn’t for everyone. No harm in not knowing someones real name too since it is the internet and all and should be careful and stuff like that. I would if you wanted to really get to know the person and trust them then you can do whatever and tell them your real name. But if you don’t know them well no harm in not and saying sorry just not my thing. Just some advice. ^_^

Please take care dear again and thanks for your support! ~

On 05.22.2017 Peach said:

Another thanks for the comment back. :3 I use Devianart mostly because I like to get feedback on my work not really there to make friends or socialize with others. True, I can favorite people’s work and be nice and comment as well but not there to make friends really. Sorta nervous about it since years ago when I was in my teens I joined there and EVERYONE wanted to be friends with EVERYONE. More popular kind of thing so was NOT my scene so I left. Also not forgetting weird people on there and art thieves.. Sad really that some people sink so low and claim peoples art as there own just to be popular. Horrible. But yeah if I get watchers on my profile I appreciate it.

When I was in my teens again I had a lot of social media wanting to meet people and maybe make some friends because in person I had none. But really finding myself now in life where I’m at currently I don’t have to have a lot of friends in person or online and don’t mind it. A few people in my life is all I need or would like. Plus having social anxiety dose not help either.. But yeah I keep to myself mostly and are private online since I learned a lot growing up online from meeting not so good people and getting hurt from them. A little in person as well to add to that list.. Sadly.

Lastly nothing wrong with being private if people ask you like whats up with you being private and all that. Not there business just be who you are and always be yourself. Sorry if this comment is also long once more I apologize. I hope your still doing well and see you around my dear. Take care as always~

On 05.28.2017 Cristina Cocioaba said:

Woah that is just sad. You shouldn’t be forced to join facebook just to be affiliated with someone. It’s probably the most retarded thing I heard lately.

Take care

On 05.30.2017 Michelle said:

You don’t need Facebook to be connected at all. That is absurd and bullshit honestly. Just keep doing what you do and don’t let it bother you too much except to say that those people weren’t worth it to be affies with in the first place.

On 06.10.2017 Liz said:

That is really weird that they require for you to join Facebook. It doesn’t make sense to me o.O

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