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Hiya guys, whassup? :)
A few days ago and last week I renewed respectively Skyborn’s hosting package and domain name, and I’m using this as cue to talk about an annoying thing that comes with pretty much all new domains’ registration….which I call pain the ass, but officially known as post-registration spam; but let me explain.

I’m a pretty greedy domain owner who tends to buy a tld for every new site name I get obsessed over, and I currently own 20-25 domains spread among my four favorite registrars Namecheap, Dynadot, and italian provider; especially with the latter, I’ve noticed kind of a trend: every time I register a new domain I get drowned in SEO services, web design and logo offerings spam. My guess is these spammers have some kind of program or even a simple algorhythm who monitors the Whois registries and lets them know when new cool-sounding domains get registered; they’re not a true hindrance, as I can just delete the bulk, but it’s still annoying. v_v

To be completely honest, though, I also find it kind of hilarious, as most offers say something along the lines “register the domain with our SEO index or your domain won’t be indexed (in Google)”; that’s a whole load of BS, as not heeding their emails doesn’t prevent my domain from being google-indexed. I feel more and more every day the pull to reply but only to call’em upon their scams—which they can go on with only because too many countries still lack laws against this kind of fraud—and laugh at their reaction. :D

Have to go now, because it’s almost dinner time and I have to help my mum prep it.
Everybody take care, and have a wonderful week-end. :3


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