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Posted on 04.12.2017  •  4 comments.

….and it’s cinema-related again. ;)
Hello there guys, this entry is not an actual blogging post; I just wanna show you Skyborn’s new look.

Version 7.0 is called Space Cowboys and features one my favorite—it’s actually the only favorite—sci-fi franchises, the J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot movies; the image itself shows the leading character Captain James T. Kirk and its best friend Doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy and was taken from deviantART. The design is coded in basic tables, with a blue/lime-color scheme; I debated long and hard about having such a big (huge, really :p) header, but in the end I chose to keep it because it looked better to me—and wanted the navi below the image with the content area, and not on the side. I’m quite proud of the result, and I hope you’ll like it as well. :D

Have to go now, as I wanna watch the Captain America movies (so far) trilogy; see you next time, and enjoy the new layout.
Everybody take care, and have a very wonderful week-end. :3


On 04.12.2017 Claudine said:

This layout looks great! Ahhh I miss designing so much! :)

On 04.15.2017 Michelle said:

Love the new layout! The new Star Trek reboot movies are awesome!

On 04.17.2017 Peach said:

Really love the layout and the colors scheme as well. I always liked the old Star Trek series more growing up but the new one as well was fantastic and a lot of cute guys in it too. I Hope your well and please take care!

On 04.19.2017 Gillan said:

I love the new design! I haven’t finished watching a single Star Trek reboot movie (I know, what a loser) but I will soon! Thanks for reminding me!
Love the Captain America franchise, Bucky is my sweet summer child.

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