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Posted on 03.10.2017  •  8 comments.

Hello there, how’s going guys? :)
I hadn’t planned to post so soon, but yesterday I made a new premade which fitted Skyborn perfectly, so I decided to go and change look—also because the previous design had been up since last November.

The new look is an advanced divs layout—meaning it uses the div#container property…and I still can’t believe I might be getting the hang of it xD—called Beauty unleashed; the image comes from Twitter, where I follow star Luke Evans‘ account (his true one, not a fans one) and last week he posted this photo belonging to a Vanity Fair photoshoot. I fell in love with the photo, and I’m quite proud of what I achieved with both the original take and the design. :D

By the way, remember my post about Turkey from before Christmas? Recently it looks like European nations are coming to my same conclusions about the subject.
Germany was the strongest supporter of Turkey becoming a EU member, because Turkey is one of the biggest buyers of german products, but the two nations are in the middle of pretty much a diplomatic crisis since the last few months: German government members criticized Turkey’s brutal and oppressively dictatorial way of dealing with last year’s coup; as response to that, Turkish Prime Minister cancelled his participation to some events for the Turkish community in Germany and president Erdogan even said Germans are still Nazis. o_O
This proves Turkey is not fit to be in the European Union; we don’t want states ruled by dictators where the demands for freedom of speech, press and any freedom in general are answered to by prison, torture and death. Turkey is now looking at an alliance with Russia….but not even Putin is that much of a dictator the way Erdogan is.

I went on another mini-rant, sorry for that; enjoy the new look and see you on next entry.
Everybody take care, and have a very wonderful week-end. :3


On 03.11.2017 Gillan said:

Aaaah, I love Luke Evans! I’ve first seen him in Dracula Untold and has loved him ever since.
I didn’t know there was tension between Germany and Turkey. In that case, it seems like Turkey is unfit to join the EU.

I see, it’s sad that it’s only available in Europe because I prefer Android phones over iOS lol I think it’s a pain to transfer files using iTunes haha

Enjoy your weekend!

On 03.11.2017 Gillan said:

I see, so you’ve always been inclined to make content for others? :)
I love your graphics, btw! And your tutorials are helpful, indeed.

On 03.13.2017 Michelle said:

I don’t know much about the actor except that he plays Gaston and that’s it. Too bad, I am not seeing that movie. The animated movie seems superior still, but hello!

On 03.15.2017 Gillan said:

Maybe you just haven’t found the right makeup for you! But yeah, I prefer going barefaced even though I love makeup. I just can’t afford to do makeup everyday because I’m too lazy lol

I have seen him in The Hobbit. He was great! I had no idea he was in Fast and the Furious, though. I didn’t think he could me in that kind of action movie and yet he was. Can’t wait to see him as Gaston!

On 03.17.2017 Gillan said:

Omg, a fellow musical-lover! I have been blessed!
That is so sad to hear. You can try Spotify as all of their music are free ????

On 03.20.2017 Xian said:

Hi Sasha! Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts regarding BatB! I love it! Thank you! :D

And look who we have here???!! isn’t it the charming Gaston?! He’s really good looking! In the movie Dracula he caught me :D Heehee~

Actually I’m not really digging into country issues nowadays. Philippines has one worst political issues and I am already sick of it. PH is now trying as well to make alliance with China and Russia. Though I like to care since it’s my country but it’s now really annoying XD

When there can be world peace? XDD

On 03.20.2017 Gillan said:

Thank you! How sad, usually it works well on my computer. Oh well! Hope you enjoy it when you buy it ?

On 04.03.2017 Claudine said:

Great design! :) I’m really digging it! I don’t know much about the actor but I did see him as Gaston and oh, so lovely!

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