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Posted on 03.05.2017  •  2 comments.

Hi there guys, whassup? :)
I can’t yet believe it, but it’s true: I got myself a brand new smartphone; I’ve wanted one for months and today I was finally able to buy it….but let’s start from the beginning.

My old phone is a HTC Desire 500 bought almost 3 years ago….and it’s the crappiest machine I’ve ever seen; even my brother’s phone—which is not a smartphone—is better.
Anyway. The phone has 4GB space, and the other specs are even worse; that—combined with useless gigantic default apps you cannot delete, constant “free some space because phone is full” (despite having only literally 3-4 downloaded apps installed) pop-ups pretty much freezing the phone until you delete the apps’ data and the impossibility of updating apps due to the lack of space—makes the HTC run very snail-slow and causes apps to crash very often….making the phone damn near unusable. *_*

A few days ago I was in my favorite tech & media store to buy a couple of DVDs and USB Hubs; I passed by the smartphones section and saw a couple of good yet affordable phones and, since I had an hour to waste before mum came to pick me up, I thought to hell with it and decided to just go and buy a new phone.
My final decision was between a black Huawei P8 Lite or a Wiko Robby Bleen but, after asking a few questions to the shop assistant and some thinking, I went with the Wiko Robby Bleen 16GB—the Huawei had slightly better specs but it costed 40 more than the Wiko which made it out of my budget, pluse the Wiko came in beautiful colors; here are some photos of the model and color I bought.


I’ve always considered Wiko a cheap and maybe unreliable brand—due to its cheap prices and lesser circulation—but, after fiddling with it in the store, it looked sleek and well-performing; I’m quite happy with my choice. :D

Have to go now, as I have to watch “Jack Reacher: Point of no return” DVD; see you on next entry.
Everybody take care, and have a wonderful Sunday. :3


On 03.05.2017 Gillan said:

How’s the P8? I’m actually considering to buy the P10 because my current Huawei Honor 4C is dying lol
Love your layout btw! I’m still so sad over Alan Rickman’s passing :(
I also used to use FanUpdate. I miss its interface

On 03.09.2017 Gillan said:

The Wiko does look sleek! Is its OS Android? I wish they also sold it here in the Philippines so I can try it.

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