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Posted on 12.18.2016  •  2 comments.

Hi there everybody, been a while—since I changed the layout. ^^;
I usually don’t talk about these matters in my blogs—as I prefer to keep them light and happy—but this time I really need to do it; it’s about what’s happening between Turkey and the European Union (or EU for short).

Turkey has been trying to become a member—”get in”, as I’d say— of the European Union for years now, and the Union’s leaders have so far been enough favorably disposed to let it happen because Turkey helped EU to limit the mass illegal immigration; things changed a little during 2016, though, because of the coup d’etat that took place in Turkey and that the Turkish government (read president Recep Erdogan) has been dealing with extremely brutally—thousands and thousands of people got arrested, imprisoned or even executed without any real reason let alone proof they were part of the coup in the first place….and that is why I believe Turkey should NOT be in the EU. x.x
Aside from the fact the country is not even on the european continent, there are a few bigger reasons why it’s not fit to be in the Union.

  • Turkey is a dictatorship; they claim to be democratic, but the truth is president Erdogan is like Hitler—and the post-coup “purge” showed that to the world.
  • They’re pretty much blackmailing EU, saying they will no longer concretely help Europe stop illegal immigration if they’re not allowed to become a member.
  • The government keeps denying the 1.5 million Armenians genocide Turkey did during WWI.
  • Their respect for basic human rights is non-existant, anyone who opposes the government is arrested, tortured and wrongfully imprisoned.
  • Their values are extremely different, especially in religious matters—huge chunks of the country are inhabited only by fanatic muslim believers.

The first three things are especially worrysome: Europeans don’t want a dictator-ruled country who denies a past olocaust of 1.5 million people (see why I say Erdogan is like Hitler?), and is actively trying to start a new one, to take decisions who’ll impact on all of us; nope, Turkey must stay out of EU, thank you very much. *_*

Sorry for the long rant, but as I said this is a topic I’m really interested, worried and pi*sed about; I hope it wasn’t too boring a read.
See you on next entry; take care, guys, and have a wonderful Sunday. :3


On 01.07.2017 Michelle said:

Oh wow, I didn’t know much about Turkey, but now I do. :( That’s horrible about Turkey!

On 01.08.2017 Cassidy said:

I didn’t know much about Turkey accept for the fact that it’s had an impact on the problems in the Middle East. Hopefully the EU keeps them out.

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