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Posted on 07.11.2016  •  5 comments.

Hi there, how’s your summer going? Mine is smauldering hot, I’m melting under the sun and wishing we were in November. X_X
Now, let me explain about the post title.

First I must specify I love dogs and cats; my family has always had them—at one point we had two of each—and so I think I know about them.
Now, the people who live in the house in front of mine, just across the street, have recently taken in 2 dogs: one dog came around the same time as Rambo (last summer), the other is a puppy they got not even two months ago; these people have a big house and an even bigger garden…yet they keep both dogs locked in a small separated yard in front of their house. As far as I know, the only contacts the dogs have with the owners is when they receive their food, otherwise they’re always alone; they have food and water, a roof for when it rains or weather’s cold, toys to play with….but barely any human contact at all, as those people work all day and, when they’re home, I’ve never seen or heard them play with the dogs let alone let them interact with the family in the garden or within the house….and in fact those dogs howl and cry pretty much all day due to their loneliness. These dogs aren’t being physically abused; they get food, water, toys, a roof and all the basics, but neglect is none-the-less a form of abuse.

Which is why I’m very appalled and angry at those owners’ ignorance and irresponsibility. x.x
Even children know dogs are pack animals and that their pack are their human owners; they like and need to be close to their owners, not just to be petted but simply to enjoy their presence and feel like they’re part of the pack, part of the family. Those people knew they had not time to dedicate to their pets….so why the fu*k did they got them!? x.x x.x
These type of dog owner is the worst, completely irresponsible and with no brain salt to see dogs are like us and need to be close to the ones we love; those people took those two dogs in, only to neglect and basically abandon them; I often wish some of my neighbours one day will report these people to the police—I don’t do it because I cannot adopt those dogs, because of Rambo—over the neglect they show to their dogs. It’s what they would, and do, deserve. x.x

Sorry for the rant, but I couldn’t keep this inside any longer; it makes me so mad—now that I let it out I feel a bit better, though.
Sorry again, and see you on next post; take care, guys, and have a great week. :3


On 07.16.2016 Infinity said:

Hey Sasha,

How have you been? What’s new?

I agree with your post. I have two fur babies. The first fur baby’s previous owner would crate him for 8 hours. My new addition doesn’t seem like she’s ever been walked, ever. I don’t like it when owners just have dogs for company (only when they want it). I know people who don’t walk their dogs at all. I love taking my dogs to the dog park. It makes me happy to see them all excited :)

I’ve had neighbors like yours and it’s maddening. I feel sad for the dogs more than anything. Animals like dogs actually love attention and socializing. It’s so sad to see that being taken away from them :/ Hell, I take my dogs to doggy daycare or to hang out with their “grandma” when I know I’ll be out all day. Maybe I’m just crazy, but I like to put myself in their shoes.

On 07.22.2016 Michelle said:

That annoys the hell out of me too. What’s the purpose of having dogs if you plan on keeping them outside? Dogs are inside creatures and that’s why I make sure to spend as much time as I can with my dog, Marley, the Yellow Labrador.

My dad and his family treats dogs this way and it drives me crazy.

On 07.29.2016 Jamie said:

I cannot stand owners like that! We have a few over here as well that have 3 dogs and just allow them to bark consistently throughout the day until they arrive back home. It’s irritating to try and do homework or study or even watch something without hearing the dogs next door bark. It’s also irritating when all the dogs in our neighborhood starts to bark all at once. I think it’s a sign of pure laziness and not enough will power to train their dogs properly.

On 08.27.2016 Alaina said:

I wonder if you could actually do something about it? If you have a dog(s) and are out playing with yours maybe you could offer to socialize their dogs. And maybe they’d even pay you. Sounds like they’re a busy family and hence when they get the time to actually hang out with their dogs, the only way to interact is to train them because they have behavioral issues. And training is work and they don’t seem able to do that on their own. It’s irresponsible to bring in animals that you can’t adequately care for but I’m just thinking it’s possible you can offer them a solution and possibly get paid to boot.

On 09.02.2016 Infinity said:

Hello, Sasha. I have a new layout up. Come and take a look? Thank you.

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