The invasion….

Posted on 05.23.2015  •  1 comment.

The title perfectly sums up what’s going to happen in a few weeks from now, and it’s something worse than a tornado. -_-
A foreword first: I don’t like kids; my maternal insticts were washed away by my own childhood and puberty, and to me kids are obnoxious, loud, arrogant know-it-alls and all in all freaking annoying. But let me explain what it has to do with the title.

This year summer holidays start on June 6th; my niece has decided on her own she wants to have her class’ year-ending part at our house, and she expects us—as in my parents—to prep everything for the party, which she thinks of as some village fair with a sack race, a treasure hunt and such. That means 9 primary school brats will be coming upon us, thinking this is their own home, making messes and destroying everything in the house….the Huns’ invasion. Oh, joy. v_v

My parents will let her (and them) run wild, but they better keep one thing in mind: count me out; I’m not helping prepping everything, and on the invasion day sure as he** I’m gonna stay safely and soundly cooped up in my room, locking the door to insure the little s**ts stay out. :D

The invasion is still a few weeks away, but I’m dreading it so much I needed to let it out immediately; many of you will be angry for what I wrote, but I only care to a certain extent: this is my blog, my stress relief, and what I write here is totally personal.
Anyway, see you all on next entry; take care, guys, and have a wonderful Sunday. :3

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On 05.31.2015 Jessica said:

OMG, this sounds like something I would write. I know how you feel, except mine is permanent. I have new neighbors (in the apartments next to me) and they let their kids run wild until around 1 am. Ever since I was a kid, I couldn’t stand kids. I wish you luck~

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