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Posted on 06.05.2016  •  3 comments.

Hi there everybody, hope you are well. :)
After delays, procrastination and sheer lazyness, Skyborn’s version 4.0 is finally here…after hours of work spent slaving away on Photoshop. ;)

That’s right, after three premade layouts I finally managed to make my own look; to dwell into details: the design was inspired from an awesome Blogger theme, is coded in basic divs and is called The Winchester from the hit TV series Supernatural’s main duo—whom I love to beats (though I prefer the first seasons to the later ones) featured in the image. ♥ I’m quite proud of how this came out, especially the final color palette—it’s not one of my usual garishly super-colorful schemes, and matches the image quite well.
Let me know what you think, I love all constructive feedback. ^.^

Aside from that, I’m yet again writing while waiting for two Amazon packages, one coming via common mail soon and the other coming tomorrow; I went all out on the second one—as it’s the last—and selected the One-day Delivery option, so expensive but so worth it. :D
For the nosy ones, the first package is a book and the second one due for tomorrow contains the seasons 1 to 3 of Beauty and the Beast TV series with Kristin Kreuk and a 14-inch sleeve for both my MacBook Pro and my Sony VAIO laptop—maybe I’ll post some photos of this, since it’s the last parcel.

Have to go now, as I have tons of new stylesheets and resources to download; see you on next entry.
Take care, guys, and have a wonderful week. :3


On 06.07.2016 Infinity said:

The layout looks awesome. I use to love Supernatural myself, but it bored me in the later seasons. What season is it on? I was surprise to hear that it’s still going!

I love Amazon! Especially, if I’m buying products through Amazon and not a third party seller. I usually get crap service from the third party seller. Needless to say, I hope you get your package soon!

On 06.09.2016 Infinity said:

Yes about originality. Some people’s sites are how do I put it … awful xD It’s one thing to put some effort to it, but it’s another thing when it wasn’t even given a thought. And the site contents … some people think it’s quantity over quality >.>

How many subplots was going on in Supernatural? Have you watched the Walking Dead? I really don’t enjoy it very much. I wanted to. They have too many characters who do stupid things!

I had the worst luck with sellers from China. I tried Ebay in November and well, I received a necklace that was just glued together and a purse poorly stitched. I guess I got what I paid for hahaha.

On 06.16.2016 fai said:

this layout is beyond perfection! i love the colour, the single column neatness and of courst the hotties on the header! kekekek~ i stopped watching Supernatural because my sisters are all scaredy cats—they are too scared of the creatures in it so i can’t really watch it at home XD cant wait to see your new resources!

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