New look and Amazon woes

Posted on 04.17.2016  •  2 comments.

Hello there, it’s been a looong while. ^^;
You probably thought I had abandoned the site, but it’s not like that; on the contrary, I renewed Skyborn’s domain just the day before yesterday—domain was due on May, but Namecheap sends the first warning around 30 days before due date—and I plan to renew the hosting package as well, as soon as I get the notice.
Which means Skyborn’s new layout is finally coming very soon—I’ve already both my own version and some premades to choose from—as is Skyrose. ;)

I had planned to re-open Skyrose sooner, but I decided to change hosts as Elise from PromisedHost has pretty much abandoned her service—I sent her a few emails including the one telling her to close my account as I was moving, but she never answered; so now Skyrose is proudly hosted by the wonderful girl duo at Check their service, it’s really good. ♥

Have to go now, as I’m keeping tabs on an order open on Amazon Italy set to arrive tomorrow.
I actually activated Amazon Prime with that order and the service so far lacked to impress me: in short I tried to track the package, as I usually do with those handled by couriers, but it was impossible; Amazon says it’s because the shipment has not yet been inserted in the courier database—as shipment is still “in transit”—and the number is gonna change when that happens. I call bulls**t on that, because it’s been 10 hours since the order was given to the courier, transit means a package is on its way to being delivered to the receiver and not something internal to the courier….and in any case, if the number I saw was temporary, why the f**k did you put it in the order as final tracking number!? The truth is they simply put the wrong tracking number in the order and, since Amazon Prime is advertised to be perfect, they don’t want to admit they blundered it. x.x

Sorry for the mini-rant but I’m kinda pi**ed off at Amazon, as this is the second order in a row they screw up—in the first, the item came like a week after delivery date; see you all on next entry, with the new look.
Take care, guys, and have a wonderful week. :3


On 04.23.2016 Ran said:

Hey just came across your blog and love the design!!
I recently had some amazon issues myself i ordered something months ago and only started using it the other day and it seems like the thing is broken… i messaged them and they were really kind, their customer service is rly good as far as i know! :)
hopefully you won’t be having any problems with your next orders on amazon sigh

btw, I was wondering if you’d like to exchange links?

have a nice day ~~

On 05.20.2016 Ran said:

Hey, no problem :D and great, I’ll add your link in a sec!

Also, I only clicked it once, I have no idea why you got 30 notifications :0 Sorry about that.

Glad to hear your order arrived, though ^^
- Ran

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