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Hi there everybody, how are you? :)
I promise a new look is coming very soon, but in the meantime let’s talk about something else; I had initially prepared a post about an you actress I can’t really stand, Lupita Nyong’o—I don’t like her because she often plays the “poor african i-survived-he** girl” card while she in truth was born in a rather rich family—then I decided the post was too childish and turned to a similar subject: Hollywood has lost its magic.

If you look at what Hollywood released in the last decade, there have been pretty much zero new original stories; the land of cinema has so far survived on movies based on Marvel and/or DC comics, on animated series, on books and book sagas…but mostly they’ve made lots of remakes, prequels, spin-offs based on old successful movies. Only a handful of movies based on an original screenplay were made, but they were so bad they bombed at the box office and nobody remembers them; aside from that, it’s a forest of movies being redone to show off how much special effects have advanced and can now achieve in making a movie better than the original. Sadly that idea more often than not doesn’t work and we’re left with a less than mediocre film, which is clearly something that won’t capture the movie goers…but I suppose they just can’t help it. v_v
I just hope they won’t try to make remakes of movies like Ladyhawke, White Fang, Stand by me, Willow, Back to the future, etc., as no remake will possibly equal the original.

All this was because I just heard they’re doing a live-action/CG remake of Disney Classic The Jungle Book and the thought just depressed me: some things animation does cannot just be replicated in live-action, so the movie will most likely turn out to be a mess and not near as good as the original; I can already image the money lost on this movie and the boredom of those who’ll watch it. u.u

I have to go now, because NCIS season 12 is airing tonight and I can’t miss my weekly dose of Tibbs; see you on next entry.
Take care, guys, and have a great week. :3


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