Rude people are everywhere…

Posted on 01.10.2016  •  Leave a comment?

…and their number is more and more increasing; the world is really going to shambles. *_*
But let me tell the whole story from the start.

This morning I went to the supermarket to get some groceries in my mum’s place, because her and my dad were busy taking down our Christmas decorations; while I was crossing the supermarket’s parking to reach the entrance, I passed behind a car driven by a middle-aged lady who started getting out the parking space in that exact moment. Nothing usual…except that car missed me by inches!! O.O
When I made the driver notice she should’vee looked in the rear mirror before starting the maneuver, this dialogue happened.

DRIVER (very rudely) :: Did I touch you?
MYSELF :: No, you didn’t.
DRIVER (dismissively) :: Well, then…*(means “who cares”) drives away.

Yes, she drove away without saying sorry or anything of the sort; on the contrary, the whole time she acted like she was in the right…which she was not: she didn’t touch me but, had she driven the car half an inch closer, she could have!! x.x
In any case when you risk to do what she did, you do two things: either you say a sincere sorry (you could have hurt that person), or just shut up; you don’t act like I’m overreacting over nothing. x.x
That b***h really needs some lessons…first in manners, and then driving ones. v_v

Sorry for the sudden rant, but people like that b***h really anger me and so I had to let some steam out—it’s been building since this morning; see you on next entry—with the new design.
Take care, guys, and have a great Sunday. :3


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