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Posted on 12.23.2015  •  Leave a comment?

Hello there, sorry for not blogging for such a long time, but I’ve not abandoned the site. ^^;
I keep coming here to check comments and reply; I also plan to change Skyborn design soon, so stay tuned. But I’m not here to give excuses; I’m here to talk about cboxes. u.u

As you can guess, yet another visitor asked me why I don’t install a cbox on this site or on PlasticMoon; I already made one post about this a few months ago, but let me make this completely clear once and for all—as nobody minded the first post and I’m really bl*ody tired of explaining: while I love tagboards, I don’t think PlasticMoon or Skyborn are really in need of one; if people really want to interact, they can leave comments on my posts…which in my opinion are much better, especially to fully express your opinion about one of my topics—how much can you express in a cbox’s short post? And why leave 10 posts on a tagboard, when you can say everything in 1 longer comment? The fact that these days visitors tend to do the opposite makes absolutely no sense to me. o_O
That’s why I will never put a tagboard on either Skyborn or PlasticMoon; comments are enough to interact with the site, and writing one doesn’t take that long.
Please, stop asking me to add a tagboard; I will never put one up—no matter how much you try to take me for exasperation—and I’m really fed up with visitors contacting me or commenting only to ask for a chatbox. x.x

I didn’t want to put this up right before Christmas, but this has really gotten out of hand and I could no longer keep quiet; sorry for ruining this cheerful time.
I have to go now; tomorrow I have an early wake-up, as I have to go help my mum with her last Christmas errands; see you all on next entry…the first entry of 2016!
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :3


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