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Posted on 11.15.2015  •  1 comment.

Yo fellas, it’s been a while. ^^;
I’m finally blogging again—and a new look is coming on next update or even sooner—and this time it’s about unresponsive hosts, meaning those providers who take more than a week to answer to hostees’ tickets or emails; but let me start from the beginning.

One of my domains is up for renewal in about 3 weeks; since I don’t want to renew it, I contacted the provider where I’m hosting that domain and asked to change it to another of my domains. I emailed the host one week ago, and she has yet to reach back to me in whatsoever way; I didn’t even got any acknowledged-request message. Nothing, not a peep has arrived. *_*
The host I’m talking about is not a large professional one (like in example Skyborn’s host WebHostFace is), it’s on the contrary a small semi-professional one run by one person solo.
I understand now that RL can get hectic and takes priority over online life, still in my opinion that’s not an excuse for not answering an hostee’s urgent email for several days. Mine is about a main domain change, which may not be urgent for everyone, but what if an hostee had serious problems? No, if you want to host people—paying people at that—you have to be reachable 24/7, or as close to that as possible; the contrary is simply not acceptable.
Hosting mean responsibility; the host is taking the hostees’ site on his “back”…how can he be responsible if he’s not available when hostees need him!? x.x

I’m gonna stop now, before ranting even more—and sorry for that; see you all on next entry.
Take care, guys, and have a great Sunday. :3

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On 12.13.2015 Chazz said:

hey ShaSha, I am back to blogger, lol XD anyway, I have to agree.. if you decided to be a host, then be a responsible one. At least they need to reply the email to ensure that they receive your ticket, even if they might not do what you have requested right away~ anyway, have a great Sunday to you too ^^

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