Rude comment for trying to help

Posted on 10.03.2015  •  4 comments.

EDIT ON 10.03 :: Since I noticed the cbox ban had been lifted, I tried to explain the reason for my first post and said sorry; today, I saw the webmiss deleted those posts too (I searched but couldn’t see them in the cbox)….woow, some people really can’t accept criticism. v.v END EDIT

yesterday As the title says, I tried to help and a rude comment along with a cbox ban was what I got for trying to help; but let me explain.

Yesterday I was browsing a site I visit often—it’s very good, with plenty of resources and tutorials—reading her FTP tutos; since the login one had a little imprecision (concerning the FTP port) I posted the correct detail in the cbox. The webmiss’ response to that was to post a very rude comment on PlasticMoon where she, and I quote, told me to stop posting nonsense on her tagboard along with something else that I forgot because unimportant; when I saw the comment today and went to reply, I discovered she had went so far as to ban me from her cbox….again, rude much?! x.x
I really don’t get why she did that, I was just trying to help by providing the correct and missing information to a tutorial; if someone posted a comment with something useful to add to one of my tuts, I would add the info to that tutorial’s page and, above all, I would thank that person, not scorn him/her. I’m quite incensed because of her attitude, and deleted her comment immediately after reading it.
Again, I don’t understand the reaction; maybe she’s touchy and doesn’t like to be corrected….well, I don’t really care; I’m not the one having such an exaggerated reaction to a single innocent cbox entry, and coming out as so boorish. v_v
Anyway, she can be sure I’ll never post on her cbox again even if she lifts the ban—but I’ll keep visiting her site, as it’s the opposite of its owner (gorgeous and resources-filled ♥)…at least until she bans me from there too.
Gotta go now, for I wanna watch a couple of DVDs I boughts; see you all on next entry.
Take care, guys, and have a nice week and week-end. :3


On 10.01.2015 Jessica said:

I’m sorry that happened to you. Some people just can’t take constructive criticism (or help). It took me a while to accept advice from other visitors or other site owners without getting mad. But, I’m finally able to. Don’t take it personal, many people hate being wrong and she is obviously one of them.

Take care~

On 10.09.2015 Tee said:

Thank you! Although I might give wordpress a miss for now as I just don’t have the time (or patience) haha!

your site is beautiful and I love plastic moon!! Xxx

On 10.09.2015 Jessica said:

Sorry that person is still being such a pain in the butt. Just ignore her. If you like her site, visit it but just leave her in her own little world.

On 10.31.2015 Deniece said:

Some people just hate it when other people correct them. I know it takes a lot to understand esp if you’re just being nice, but heads up! What a cute blog! :)

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