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Posted on 05.20.2015  •  1 comment.

Hello there, visitors. ^.^
I don’t know if you noticed, but my first post (made last night) suddenly vanished; that is my fault, actually, but I didn’t delete it on purpose. ^^;

You see, being the extreme smart girl that I am—please, note the sarcasm here ;)—I had the astute idea to upload and open the site during a server migration; the migration—of which I had been informed with large advance, but that I had totally forgotten until I got the completion notice today :p—messed up with Skyborn a bit: since the site was migrated using a backup, my FanUpdate installation and its relative database (created last night as well) got deleted during the “move” and all the files were still linked to the old server. It wasn’t a big problem: I only had to rename the files and reinstall the CMS, and everything was back to normal.

So, here I am: Skyborn got its own TLD domain; I’m still extremely giddy about it….though I hadn’t planned for it at all.
Last week-end, I was searching for a domain name to attach to a package whose primary domain was to be abandoned; after searching for others projects domain in vain, and assuming all the good suffix for it were taken leaving only the expensive options (.me, .co, .nu, etc.), I tried Skyborn—subdomains get itchy after a while for me…..OMG!! They weren’t all taken as I had thought!! I immediately snatched the domain before someone else did, and now I’m proud to introduce you to :3 This frees me from being forced to make weekly updates (which was required by Skyborn’s old host), a true liberation. n.n.
All I have left now is to change the smilies with a “personal” cuter set, then done that; the site has a super-cute set of kitten emoticons, and is totally fully ready. :)

Gotta go now, for I have to choose the new smilies pack; see you on next entry.
Take care, guys, and have a wonderful week and week-end. ♥

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On 05.23.2015 Jessica said:

Congrats on the domain! I changed your link over. Hope you’re doing well. Cute emoticons~

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