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Skyborn is the reincarnation of Skyavenue, both born as a sort of appendix to my graphics site Skyrose; both names were thought like Skyrose's "dibs" as well.
The site was first opened on March 2013 under domain hosted by; when renewal time came one year later I had grown tired of the blog and I decided to close it. A few months lather I felt like reopening, as my pull to blog had come back full force; I had no money for a new domain and package, I looked for free subdomain hosting. After a few discarded options, I found Elise' free service PromisedHost and the site was back online at the
Around March 2015, I decided it was time for a fresh start; to keep the new site related, I came up with the name Skyborn. Since Elise had abandoned her websites - no updates for months and no reply to emails or cbox posts - I first went with Ariel's free subdomain, then moved to WebHostFace with the domain

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Here are all Skyborn's old layouts from newest to oldest.