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Alive and kicking!!

Posted on 05.18.2018  •  4 comments.

Hi there, it’s been a (looong) while. ^^;
But I’m finally back…and with a new look too; I’ve also renewed Skyborn’s package for another year, so don’t worry ‘cuz the site isn’t going anywhere.

Anyway, let’s move onto the new look: it’s yet again a basic divs layout called Hate me baby and featuring a photoshoot Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt did last month to promote Avengers: Infinity War; I loved the photos as soon as I saw them, they are incredibly funny and show the camaraderie between them. The template is for once done by me and I’m quite proud of the result, especially because it took like a couple of hours—one of my fastest. I hope you’ll like it.

I don’t really have much to say, plus Criminal Minds season 13 starts in a few minutes and I have to watch it—and after that I wanna watch the original 1975 Jaws on Netflix (which I was finally able to get).
See you next time, guys; take care, and have a wonderful week-end. :3

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