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Rude site owners

Posted on 06.17.2017  •  9 comments.

[EDITED ON 06.17] As foreseen, the site’s owner deleted the latest messages—where I aplogized again—as well….but I don’t care; she can think she was in the right and not the rude one all she wants, whatever floats her boat. The truth is she was a downright bi*ch. Cheers. [/EDITED]

Hi there everybody, whassup? :)
A beforehanded warning, this is gonna be another ranting post—spurred by a bi*chy site owner and fuelled by the unbearable hot temperatures and period crankyness, but still…

A few days ago I saw a new tutorial, that showed how to make php-includes work with files not located in the public_html folder; since I had a doubt about how the php code worked, I left the following message in the cbox for the site’s owner.

I have a question about your php tut (”tuto-name-here”.php); can I ask it here? Thank you.

Based on previous experience, I put my email and assumed the site’s owner would contact me directly on that….nope; she gave me this rather brusque reply.

Nope. All questions need to be asked on Facebook. I don’t want conversation in my cbox.

Since I was feeling quite grumpy due to my period and the hot weather, I left a not very nice reply—telling her I would ask someone else and was sorry for “bothering” her (with quotation marks exactly like that, meaning I was being ironic/sarcastic)—but I apologized for that di*kish comment almost immediately and explained my assumptions; the girl replied to that with a couple of ever ruder replies, which I copied here.

You can take your crap attitude somewhere else. Nowhere did I say you’re bothering me, so do NOT put words in my mouth. You’re being very rude and are now banned from my cbox. Goodbye.

And your ****ty attitude messages have been deleted.

WTF on earth!?!? O.O
I admit I could, should, have phrased my question better—like saying “where can I ask my question”, instead of “can I ask it in the cbox”—but she did not have to be so bluntly rude even going as far as to I had a crap attitude, especially after I had apologized to her and explained my assumption pretty much immediately; that’s free unwarranted rudeness. *_*
In any case I’ve left another (my last) reply—and also added another apology—in the site’s cbox….though I have a feeling (I wonder why) the girl will once again accuse me of crap attitude and delete my messages.

Sorry for the length of this rant, but I needed to (for once) explain the whole story instead of just blindly venting out; I understand if someone may side with the site’s owner (I wasn’t very nice either), just thank you for reading this.
Take care guys, and have the most wonderful week. :3

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