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New phone….again

Posted on 12.15.2017  •  Leave a comment?

Hi there everybody, sorry for being gone so long. ^^; ^^;
I had planned to wait until I was ready to upload the new site look, but something happened and I could no longer wait before sharing the news.

To cut story short, I have a brand new smartphone: it turns out my March post about the Wiko Robby being a pretty good choice was rather hasty. I’ve had it for about 10 months, but the phone is already behaving as if I had had it for 10 years: apps lag a lot, the screen freezes quite often and it gives me problems with apps’ updates; a couple of weeks ago, after the screen yet again froze on me, I decided enough is enough and started browsing for a new phone.
After quite a long search and after excluding a couple of models that initially looked good (like a LG and a Sony phone), I set my sight on two models: the LG G6 and the Huawei Mate 10 Lite; my first choice until I went to the store was the LG G6 but, once in the store, I bought the Huawei Mate 10 Lite because I realized I was fixated on the LG mostly because it looked cool—I had read the specs for both phones, but they somehow hadn’t been registered by my brain until I saw the store tags….and holy cow, I was ripping myself off!! O.O
Here’s a small list of specs to make you understand.

- STORAGE ::: 64GB, Huawei Mate /// 32GB, LG G6
- PROCESSOR ::: Huawei octa-core, Huawei Mate /// Qualcomm quad-core, LG G6
- SCREEN ::: 5.9″, Huawei Mate /// 5.7″, LG G6
- CAMERA ::: 16Mpx, Huawei Mate /// 13Mpx, LG G6
- PRICE in € ::: € 300-350 /// € 450-550

In short the Huawei Mate 10 Lite is like a top-range phone coming at the price of a middle-range one, so I had to buy that.

I’ll post photos of my phone as soon as I get a simCARD for it from my phone company (the one the Wiko uses is too big) and start to use it, but right now I gotta go because I have to watch the new episode of Outlander’s 3rd season.
See you all on next entry—and on the new layout; take care, and have a wonderful week-end. :3

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