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Posted on 04.14.2020  •  1 comment.

Hello everybody, it’s been a looong while. ^^; ^^;
The month I mentioned turned into five, and I’m really sorry for that. I had planned to change the site layout, but then life messed up my plans….until today, when I finally managed to upload the new look and make a proper post. But let’s start with the look.

Skyborn’s version 11.0 is a table design called Chris #3 from the titular actor featured in the image, Chris Evans, who ranks third in my list of Hollywood’s Chris-es. I found the header on Twitter, and even after months I’m still in adoration of it; hopefully you’ll like it too. :)

But now let’s move to what the title refers to….which is basically a blog post where I shameless feed my ego by pretending to be an expert and giving you a few tips (that almost all of you most likely already know)—equal to a few things I tend to do—about shopping on Amazon. Here they are.

  • Only buy from sellers with 90% and above positive feedback (you can go with sellers who have 80% and above, but many of them are more often than not a hit-or-miss and you face a few risks buying from them); the score is based on clients’ satisfaction, so the higher the score the stronger is the guarantee you’ll be happy with your order even if it wasn’t directly handled by Amazon.
  • When you’re ordering books, try choosing the “Used-Like New” or “Used-Very Good” options (available where it says “More buying choices”); it’ll save you a pretty deal of money, and the books will still be in extremely good conditions.
  • Again if you want save money on books, try browsing the “More buying choices” catalogue; shipping and delivery will be slower than Amazon’s, but you’ll be able to save quite a bit—even if you choose from the “New (conditions)” section.
  • Don’t buy big tech items—as in computers, Macs, smartphones, etc.—by sellers, only purchase “dispatched and sold by Amazon” items; this way you’ll be totally covered by Amazon’s warranty.

Thanks to these tips, in almost 20 years of using Amazon I’ve never been scammed or unsastisfied in general with my shopping experience—except 2, 3 tops, times.
As I mentioned, most of you will already know these….but hopefully I was still able to help someone. :D

Have to go now, as I wanna watch some Lucifer episodes; see you all on next entry.
Everybody take care, and have a wonderful week-end. :3

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