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Of (pathetic) online trolls

Posted on 10.15.2017  •  1 comment.

Hi there everybody, it’s been a long while. ^^;
I had planned to wait until the new site look’s upload before updating, but something has come up and it needs to be addressed now; I’m talking about an online retard who has been trolling a site I wanna be affie with on my resources site Skyrose.

The harassed site is called Parisfalls, and you can read all the rants of this “thing” on the site’s cbox; to sum it up, this female troll is complaining because in her opinion Parisfalls’ owner Sandra and Kecia are not doing enough updates and not enough often….WTF?!?! O.O
This girl is delusional: Kecia and Sandra work their arses off to manage the site, and they upload tons of new things every time they update….delusional? She’s flat out insane. *_*
Both webmisses made posts addressing this bi*ch’s BS, and I and other people came to defend them, yet the do*chebag had the gall to reply calling both owners rude for doing those posts, and us (me in particular) trolls for defending them….all that done using different aliases on the cbox of course, because she’s a true troll.
I have only one thing to tell this loser: get real. Or more accurately, get a life.

Sorry for the sudden mini-rant but I’ve dealt with too many trolls myself and I really can’t stand them, more so so when they try to go at great web owners like Sandra and Kecia.
See you on next entry, guys; take care, and have a great Sunday. :3

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