Effin’ trolls!!

Posted on 08.01.2020  •  Leave a comment?

Hi there guys, been a while. :)
I didn’t want to write this post, because I don’t like drama. I avoid it (or at least try my best and hardest to) like plague, I hate starting it, I don’t like being caught in it…but especially I loathe people who start—and relish in—it because they don’t have anything else to fill their empty and miserable lives. Sadly dealing with them cannot be avoided sometimes, and this is one of such cases….but I’m gonna use made-up names for everyone, because otherwise I’d be sinking to the troll’s level.

The troll in this case is a girl…I’m gonna call her Sally; she has been causing, spreading (and relishing in) drama for a couple of years now; she has been going around the siteworld stealing content, insulting the skills of renowned designers (like Kaye @ Candylush, Miranda @ Eyegloss and others) and their sites and generally harassing them—again, because she has a very miserable life and is most likely envious of them and their gorgeous sites. Plus, she does all that hiding under a different name each time (never posting links to her sites thinking that will keep her identity hidden)…but it’s more than clear it’s always her. v_v
Sally’s latest outing was only a few months ago on Eyegloss’ cbox, where she insulted the site, the owner….and she used my name to do it (after she saw a post I left in Miranda’s cbox). That’s what prompted me to write this shaming post: I’m not gonna let her trolling-bi*ch attitude go unpunished after she insulted people I respect and sites I admire using my name. Eff off, you troll, we don’t want the likes of you in the community—in any of them. x.x

Sorry for the rant, but what she did made me so mad and I had to let people know about her and her behaviour; see you all on next post.
Everybody take care, and have a wonderful week-end. :3

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